Silver Coins:

Silver Eagle Mint coin American Eagle Silver, minted by the U.S. Mint.  This Bullion Coin comes in a 1oz denomination.  Introduced in 1986, the obverse (front) has the “Walking Liberty” originally designed by Adolph Weinman’s  for the U.S. Half Dollar used from 1916-1947.  The reverse displays a heraldic eagle with shield, with an olive branch in one talon and arrows in the other, designed by the sculptor John Mercanti.  They are struck with a $1 face value.  Weight is listed as 31.103 grams; with a composition of .999 pure silver.   This coin has a Diameter of 40.6 mm with a reeded edge.  They are minted in San Francisco, Philadelphia and West Point.

Austrian PhilharmonicSilver, minted by the Austrian Mint.  This Bullion Coin is .999 fine pure silver.  Introduced in 2008 the obverse has an image is of the “Great Organ” found within the concert hall where the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra performs obverse, the reverse side of the coin features the name of the orchestra in German, and a montage of instruments.  The weight is listed as 31.103 grams, and has a diameter of 37mm with a smooth edge.

Canadian Maple LeafSilver, minted by the Royal Canadian Mint.  This Bullion Coin was introduced in 1988; the obverse has a Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, with the Maple Leaf on the reverse.   It carries a denomination of $50, $20, $10, $5 and $2.5 Canadian Dollar value.   They are struck 1oz., ½ oz. 1/4oz., 1/10oz. and 1/20oz. respectively.   The weight is listed as 31.108 grams with a composition of 1.0000 Troy Ounce of Gold.  The coin measures 30mm with a reeded edge.

Chinese Panda Silver CoinChinese PandaSilver, minted by the People’s Republic of China.  This Bullion Coin was introduced in 1989 and is .9999 fine silver.  It is struck as a 1oz, with a value 10Yuan.  The obverse displays a changing design featuring the namesake Chinese Panda along with a bamboo plant.  The reverse has an etching of the Temple of Heaven, a temple of worship,  built during the Ming Dynasty (15th century) for  Royalty and the elite.  The weight is listed as 31.22 grams with a diameter of 40mm and has a reeded edge.

Mexican Peso Silver, minted by the National Mint of Mexico.  This Bullion Coin was introduced in 1921, and considered the purest gold coin of its time.  It was minted 1921-1931, 1944-1947 and in 1949 until 1972. The 50 Peso weighs in at 1.34 Troy Ounces or 41.67 grams, it has a diameter of 37.08mm.  It was also stuck in the 20 Peso (.4283 troy ounces), 10 Peso (.2411 troy ounces), 5 Peso (.1205 troy ounces), 2.5 Peso (.0602 troy ounces) and the 2 Peso (.0482 troy ounce).  The obverse of the coin has the image of Nike, the Roman God of Victory.  The reverse has the eagle holding a serpent in its beak.  The smaller denominations carry the portrait of Don Miguel Hidalgo, a priest who helped free Mexico from Spain.