Question: Why Own Platinum?

Platinum serves as a diversifier within a diversifier. The fundamental differences between platinum and gold make platinum an excellent complement to gold in investor portfolios.
Platinum primarily is an industrial commodity, while gold is a financial asset.

Platinum prices tend to rise sooner in the economic cycle than gold prices. Platinum prices are more responsive to changes in industrial demand for platinum, which tends to rise as economics expand.

Platinum is used in a wide variety of industrial products and applications.

Platinum prices are more volatile than those of gold, given the smaller size of the platinum market. Thus, platinum prices tend to out pace gold prices during bull markets.
There are no large above ground inventories of platinum.

Question: How do you ship gold and silver?

On gold and silver purchases we use registered, insured U.S. Mail. This is the most secured way to mail gold and silver. In all the years we’ve been in business, not once has a package failed to arrive intact and undamaged. Most packages arrive with in 3 business days after shipping. Each package is insured for its entire value. Registered mail can be insured for up to $25,000.

How do I become a subscriber of your newsletter?

It’s really quite simple. Send us your name, address & phone number and we’ll send you a packet containing back issues of our newsletter as well as some pamphlets on coins we reccomend. You will be put on our mailing list for a free one year subscription. We only send out our newsletter by regular mail & only to U.S. addresses.

Question: What are Numismatic Coins?

Old U.S. gold & silver coins are easy to understand & private to hold. These coins are often reffered to as Numismatic Coins or Rare Coins. Very simply, these coins were minted by the United Stated Mint as legal tender. There were only a handful of different types of gold & silver coins minted here in the United States. Compare this to the mind boggling 7000 stocks or mutual funds there are to choose from today! You may have seen your Grandfather or Grandmother carrying one of these kinds of coins around in their pockets or purse. Most of these coins were minted from the early 1800’s up until 1933. They are a very popular way of owning gold & silver today. There have been periods in history when these old Numismatic Coins appreciated considerably while gold bullion remained very flat. These coins have an excellent history of long term profitability, they are portable, very liquid, & they are the most popular collectable in the United States. There have been many rumors over the years about the minipulation of gold bullion proces. That is why so many people have turned to Numismatic Coins as a hedge against inflation & economic uncertainty.

Question: Why Silver?

Silver is the most undervalued commodity on earth in our view. The natural ratio of gold to silver is about 16 to 1. In other words for every ounce of gold that is mined, approximately 16 ounces of silver have been extracted. This would suggest a price that might be near this same ratio. $300 gold might suggest $25 silver. This of course is NOT the case, the current ratio is over 60 to 1. This implies silver is undervalued even compared to gold!

Question: Why Gold?

Investors buy and hold gold for many reasons. This diversity of investment interest is one aspect of gold that makes it so attractive. There are six major reasons why investors buy gold.
As a hedge against inflation.
As a protection against currency market fluctuations.
As a portfolio diversifier.
As a safe haven in times of economic and financial market instability.
As a commodity, based on gold’s supply and demand fundamentals.
As a form of savings (especially in developing countries).

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