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Welcome to “What’s in the Box?” Resource Consultants is a precious metals and coin broker. Our company is structured to be a pure Precious Metals Broker, with the ability to provide products to our clients at a much better price point.

However, from time to time, being active in the market place, we may go out and acquire different items, which are very popular, in larger quantities so that we can negotiate the best price possible. Also, from time to time we have clients that need to liquidate small quantities of both gold and silver.

As we get busier and busier this happens much more than we can handle. It does not happen all the time, but, when it does, we feel it enables us to tell our clients about what is available for them. This provides all of us an opportunity to pick up gold and silver coins for better prices than if we went out to the market. We can work off of the price the market would pay us for the gold and silver, coins and bullion and pass the savings on to you.

For years now we have been telling the readers of our newsletter about these Special Opportunities, and with our ever expanding website we can bring you these items as fast as they become available to us. So bookmark this page so you can stay on top of the ever changing market.

Below you will see the area where you can enter the page or pages of what is available and the current price. Some items will not have the price from time to time, because of the volatile nature of the market. We do know, however that most of what we offer usually goes quickly. And as we continue to improve the quality of this overall web site it will most likely get crazy from time to time.

Here at Resource Consultants you must speak to a live person to order anything, at anytime. As you look at the list of items that are part of, “What’s in the Box,” you need to act fast. Call us at        800-494-4149 or locally at 480-820-5877 and see what is still available. We do not take credit cards or e-mail orders.

Items that are available now may not be available very long. We here at Resource Consultants we pride ourselves on providing the best products for the best prices we can. We can now claim the distinction of being the most recommended precious metals brokerage firm in the country. We are recommended by more financial newsletter writers, stock brokers, financial planners, web sites and personally by our clients and their families than any other gold and silver firm in the country. We welcome you to let us help you survive and thrive during the next several years of, what be believe to be some very chaotic times. Thanks for your business and your support.

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“Dear Linda, we want you to know how much we appreciate your help.  Everyone in your office is always so patient with my myriad of questions.  It’s not easy to find someone who looks past the profit margin and focuses in on helping people.  So thank you for offering your business as platform of help and mentoring to others.”

Mr. and Mrs. John K.

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